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  1. Short reply, I have now installed the RVC (Part No.: 657 827 566) in my Scala. There are still some coding issues I have to resolve because I currently do not see the park pilot and camera picture when reversing (only beeping sound). I only see the park pilot screen when the forward sensors are active. When its still open and I go into reverse I can switch manually to the camera and the picture works. Probably I need someone with more Coding experience because the Standard RVC Low Coding ist not accepted by 5F (STG 76 is programmed correctly I think). I now programmed 5F via the Adaption channel "function_configuration_rvc".
  2. Part number seems different at this shop: http://www.skoda-parts.cz/produkty/originalni-zpetna-kamera-scala/
  3. Hi, sorry that I write in English. I imported a Scala from CZ and now wants to retrofit a rear view camera to it. Currently I have missleading information about the compatibility. Has anyone a Bolero with a head unit 654035871B and rear view camera in his car? Thanks in advance, Stephan
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