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Hello from Serbia:)


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Hi there,

i am Djordje and i live in Serbia and i am huge fan of Skoda. Don't know if you know already but Skoda is hugely popular in my country, Skoda takes 20% of new car market.

I am driving Skoda Fabia mk1 comfort 1.9sdi 2003. I am very satisfied with my car, and during the years i made effort to improve it a bit more.

It came with comfort line of equipment which i improved with OEM parts from Elegance and RS edition. I bought 14" alloys from Elegance version, RS steering wheel, RS gear knob, RS door seals, Skoda symphony, OEM rear speakers, Thule roof bars and few smaller details .

Few days ago i got a chance to buy used OEM Hella headlights but have few questions about that.

As i recall EU regulations demands headlight auto regulation and headlight washers for xenon fitted cars. Serbia also has this demand but not strictly( something like in UK, situation isn't clear about this).

So i am very close to decide to fit my car with those xenon headlights, but i have few question for you:

1. As i plan to fit RS front bumper is it possible to retro fit headlight washers? Is this hard to achieve and is there some guide how to do this? I plan to use partly used parts( bottle with pumps) and partly new parts nozzle and those connecting elements and nozzle.

Do i need some kind of relay to make it work properly? Or just to connect it to front washers and make it work together?


2. Is it possible to install rear axle sensor on my car and make it work? Or this is mission impossible?




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