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Chyba ABS


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Mám Rapid SB 09/2014, 1,2 TSI 63 kW.

Při kontrole pomocí diagnostického kabelu (VCDS Version: Release 12.12.3 Data version: 20140905) se mi objevila tato chyba ABS:



Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels: 1S0-614-517.clb

Part No SW: 1S0 614 517 F HW: 1S0 614 517 F
Component: EBC 460 ESP H16 0022
Serial number: A00NDIL
Coding: 93CC2C7889AE00F8C90034F891AF00404E0700
Shop #: WSC 73430 031 00045
ASAM Dataset: EV_Brake1ESPEBC460TRW 002004
ROD: EV_Brake1ESPEBC460TRW_SE12.rod
VCID: 326D6A8A65580B8E5D9-8067
1 Fault Found:
0459 - Tire Pressure Warning
C102D 00 [008] - -
Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00000001
Fault Priority: 4
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 185
Mileage: 8188 km
Date: 2013.14.15
Time: 09:10:37
Netuší někdo co to znamená?
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