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  1. irfant

    Detailed cleaning on Roomster...

    I strongly recommend claying before polishing or waxing. It has tremendous effect on surface roughness. After few passes you can feel the cleaned surface on your finger tips. You can easly find on E-bay etc. Don't forget to order a clay lubricant (like Meguiars Quick Detailer) together with a clay bar.
  2. irfant

    Detailed cleaning on Roomster...

    Claying is very very easy... Just mist with the spray than go with clay bar... Thoroughly wash and dry your vehicle. (To save time, many professionals clay the paint after the final rinse, while it's still wet). Cut your clay bar into halves or thirds, so if you accidentally drop the bar (it will happen) you'll only lose a small portion. If a clay bar is dropped on the ground, it is contaminated and must be thrown away. Always work on the vehicle in the shade, and out of the wind to save on lubricant. Spray the lubricant over a 2' x 2' area. Tuck the clay bar tucked into the palm of your hand and glide it across the lubricant. I prefer back and forth movements to keep track of finished areas. If you are claying the entire vehicle, start from the top and work your way down to the lower sections. Use one side of the clay until it stops picking up the contaminants, and then turn it over to the fresh side. When the second side is full of contaminants, you can knead the clay to produce two fresh surfaces. The average clay bar should clean 5 to 10 cars, depending on the amount of contamination. Continue around the car until all painted surfaces have been clayed. You can also clay your glass, chrome, metal pieces and coated wheels. Your car should now be smooth and ready to be polished and waxed. Clay removes: Tree sap mist Paint overspray Industrial fallout Hard water deposits Diesel fuel exhausts Rubber particles from other cars Insect droppings Bug remains And much more!
  3. Foam wash + engine bay cleaning + claying + Swirl Removing (Turtle Wax ) + Turtle Wax Nano Tech wax application (I use Einhell orbital buffer, a cheap one (500 rpm max, 120 watt) And the story looks like...
  4. irfant

    Fabia styling

    Hi Mike, Try this... Super Skoda web site
  5. irfant

    My Roomi

    Silver color is my favorite, because even the car is dirty you can not easily notice the dirt etc. It looks ever-clean... Scratches are not visible at the first look...
  6. irfant

    I've painted the fog light frames...

    Thank you, the silver line looks great... Actually I tought to do more silver, but black areas make a good contrast on car. For example spraying the front grill don't look so good like this...
  7. irfant

    From Poland next Fabia

    WOW! Sounds great!
  8. irfant

    Nefunguju dialkove ovladace META

    English only...
  9. irfant

    As i promised !

    Car looks great! Resembles to VW Bora from front...
  10. irfant

    Hello from Poland

    Hello and Welcome Piter...
  11. irfant

    I've painted the fog light frames...

    Thank you! Cheap and easy application...
  12. Milotec has this... This Sunday I've applied spray paint to the foglight frames. Ducktaped all the surface that I don't want to smear. Here is the result...
  13. irfant

    help fabia backgroun paper??

    Try this http://www.superskoda.com
  14. irfant

    What is the real max torque?

    Thank you, that's great...
  15. irfant

    What is the real max torque?

    I got the answer today Skoda CZ Dear Mr. Irfan, 1.4 16V/63 kW engine for Roomster was improved therefore maximum torque grew up to 132 N.m at 3,800 rpm. We are sorry that you’ve been confused by the old value of 126 N.m, that is in the process of replacement. Best regards Irena Kohoutová info@skoda-info.cz Škoda Info-Line: 800 600 000