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Injection Nozzle

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    Hello, my name is Rosen Nenov (41) and I am from Bulgaria. Thank you very much for your acceptance in your forum and I am delighted to use Google translator.

    For one year I own the Škoda Octavia 2 2011 1.6 to 105 hp with 178000 original kilometers.

    The car has a high fuel consumption and is slow at low speed.
    Outside town.

    Up to 80 km per hour-4.5
    Up to 90 -5.2-5.3
    Up to 100 5.5

    Over 100. 6+

    The car frequently went into regeneration. The old owner had changed AGR. But he could not tell me if he had put an original VAG or an aftermarket.
    In Bulgaria it is fashionable to remove software and hardware VPF and AGR, I do not approve of this, but after another service, understand the official Škoda and not finding a real problem, they removed. The fuel consumption remains the same. Now I advise to change the nozzles. But here in Bulgaria a nozzle with the discount I use is 350 euros. I wanted to ask what the price is for you. Thank you.
    And again, I apologize.


    Motor is CAYC


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    Hello Rosen, I am very often buing on following websites https://www.skoda-parts.com/online-store.html , so if you create account there and put your VIN code to their virtual garrage, you will get in each section parts which are comaptible (will be active, not grey) with your engine only and you can compare prices of needed nozzles ... but not expect, that will be cheaper than in Bulgaria.

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    ... so I do that in the meantime and very surprised ... German basic industry approximately 255 Euros :o and Siemens German basic industry cca 293 Euros

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